The Fair for Spicy Food Lovers

Spicy from all over the world

Numerous creative hot sauce makers from around the world will be in attendance. Visitors will have the opportunity to sample and purchase a wide range of sauces, from the traditional to the most innovative.

Are you ready to reach the top and become the champion?

We challenge you to prove your courage and skill by competing for the title of champion in our exciting championships.

What is a spicy fair?

A spicy fair is a sensory feast for spicy food lovers. It is a place where you can explore a wide range of dishes and products that awaken your taste buds with that touch of warmth and flavor. From sauces to desserts, the fair offers a unique culinary experience, along with fun and exciting activities to enjoy in the company of other spice enthusiasts.

Also, don’t miss the chili challenge, where the brave can test their resistance to heat with specially selected varieties of chili peppers. It is a true paradise for adventurous palates!